About us

I’m Willem Dekker, early retired Dutch Marine, and Owner of Dive Sint Maarten.  Before I took on this endeavour I was the Manager and Boat Captain of Octopus Diving SXM for nearly three years. I was then approached by Bobby’s Marina to take over Octopus Diving SXM, and was excited to accept the challenge to offer the same high-quality, professional service, but with my own personalised touch. I can’t wait to welcome you to Bobby’s Marina, close to the cruise facilities.

Hi good peoples of the underwater world! My name is Daniel 🙂
Born in Kansas City, Missouri and lived the land-locked lifestyle for the greater part of 23 years before I decided to leave the United States. I decided to pursue teaching scuba and became an instructor while I was living in Australia and since have taken my teaching through England, Greece, the Bahamas and now, the lovely Sint Maarten!
Lover of all things ocean, on the surface and down below, I’m happy to guide, teach and inspire any and everyone to enjoy the most beautiful part of this blue planet we all call home.